Steven Maggi Show Interviews I & II

These interviews are from The Steven Maggi Show…a nationally syndicated radio program. They touch on memories and stories from Bill Brockett’s time in the Nixon and Ford administrations…a sort of audio preview of the book Bill is currently writing. Additional audio from 4+ hours of interviews Bill gave will soon appear on Steven’s website at Enjoy…

Part I – The Nixon/Ford transition and early Ford presidency (45:50)

Part I covers the Nixon resignation (to which Bill was an eyewitness) and aspects of the Ford presidency. It is approximately 46 minutes long and contains one blank section toward the end, about 2 minutes in duration, for insertion of a national advertisement.

Part II – Ford the man (41:06)

Part 2 of Bill’s interview with Steven is called “Ford, the man” and is just over 41 minutes in duration. This segment covers some of Bill’s personal experiences with the president and his family.


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